I'm the frontwoman for Konqistador, an electro, darkwave band delivering glitched synth, bass-heavy and drum-forward industrial style production. I'm inspired and sparked by an international 'no borders, no boundaries' creation and performance process. I've collaborated with emerging and master artists from stages and studios across Istanbul, Cairo, Berlin, Bucharest, Moscow, Sydney, Detroit, Melbourne and Marrakesh. I was there to experience the collapse of the traditional music industry, I was affected by it. When the old model crumbled, in an instant countless artists had to diversify and find new ways to get their music heard. Eventually I saw its potential and witnessed this become a limitless blank canvas for music artists to DIY. So, I stayed the course, I adapted, I diversified and change began with our multi-arts practice utilizing unique performance spaces to present music, dance, projection and design all at once. Now enters fashion and KNQSTDR.


I've always been motivated by what is foreign and unconventional, I look for distinction and otherness where ever I venture.  Being transient, I've had to find creative ways to piece together stage wear that would embody our music and assert my aesthetic. Delving into fashion is instinctual and instinctive for me. With pieces and accessories I found along my travels, I customized stage wear the best way I knew how; trial and error. Now, the opportunity to expand my reach and collaborate with independent fashion designers who can translate my vision through fabric and directional design while at the same time express our music excites me. To reinforce this intersection of music and fashion is the very aesthetic extension of Konqistador and it goes beyond my music. It is our music, your music and the sounds that oscillate through the fabric that has asserted our style since we first witnessed any of our favorite frontwomen take to the stage. KNQSTDR reverberates.



Stein is a force. She is a pioneer and forerunner in the fashion and design landscape of Detroit, making an unforgettable impact on the stage shows and photo shoots she cultivates. She is instinctual and visceral in her approach. She creates beyond fabric and thread; working with anything from rubber, vinyl and metal into pieces made for the explicit statement maker. There was no other designer KNQSTDR would or should collaborate with to feature their debut line.